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Queensland Rail VJM 4 wheel Hopper


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The VJM class coal hoppers were built to run in unit coal trains consisting of anything up to 30 hoppers. With the introduction of heavier bogie coal hoppers, many VJM wagons were converted for hauling other loads. One of the main conversions carried out was for hauling cement (reclassified VJC). Many were also converted for hauling grain (reclassified VJMG) with the addition of a small peaked roof and ladders at each end. The original VJM wagons were made of wood, in December 1982 there were still 62 of these in service. The remainder were constructed of steel, in 1982 there were still 912 in service. The running numbers of the VJM wagons were as follows, 13339, 17152-17201, 22134-22333, 23370-24369, 29700-30699 and 30701-30800.

10 VJM wagons were modified to VJLS (for hauling lime). It appears the only modifications were the addition of a grab iron running the full length and width of the hopper on all sides, and a tarpaulin support atop the wagon. The VJLS were numbered as follows, 30423, 29971, 30007, 23416, 24303, 30659, 23959, 29861, 30218 and 30784.


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