VR 10’6″ Wheelbase T Refrigerated Van KIT


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The “T” van was designed for the carriage of perishable goods requiring refrigeration in summer, although other classes of goods could be carried in certain conditions. The wagon was cooled with ice and heavily insulated to remain cold for several days.
The model is based upon the 10ton wooden version first introduced in 1894. Further vans of broadly similar design were constructed in the years up to 1904 until there were 191 vans, numbered 1-191. The capacity of these vans was increased to 12 tons in 1908 and further increased to 12 ½ tons when the buffers were removed in the mid to late 1950s. Various changes were made to the vans over the years, including auto’ coupled underframes, end reinforcement, Bohn door fasteners and standardised door hinges. The kit represents a wagon running from the mid 1950s onwards. The April 1995 issue of the Australian Model Railway Magazine features an article on the VR T vans which provides further information on their history.



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