QR K / KA Bogie Cattle Wagon


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The Queensland Railways K and KA cattle wagons were of wooden construction and there were thousands in use on Queensland Rail (until recently in the case of the KA). The KA was suitable for express freight trains while the K could only be attached to goods trains.The kit has been developed to cater for both the On42 and On30 markets. For On42, there are two types of bogies available for use. The first is a stock S gauge 5’6″ wheelbase bettendorf freight bogie, which has a slightly shorted wheel base than the prototype but otherwise closely matches the specifications. These would be generally found underneath the KA version. The second is a 4’ archbar bogie, to QGR specifications. These would be generally found under the K version.  For the On30 market an off the shelf  On30 arch bar bogie can be used, or alternatively, the correct pattern 4’ QGR archbar bogie can be used with a smaller bogie stretcher.  Appropriate bogies to cater for either version can be supplied.


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