QR DH9 Locomotive Ready to Run On3.5


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In the 1960s, as QR was phasing out steam locomotives. the need arose for a locomotive that could take over the shunting duties. In 1996, Walkers Ltd produced a 37 tonne diesel hydraulic locomotive designed for shunting. This resulted in an intiial order for a further 54 units, followed by a further 15 units and later an additional three. They remained in service until the late 1980s.

DH9 entered service on 03/10/68 and remained in QR service until 20/06/94.

This On3.5 model is ready to run. It can also be supplied as On30 if required. It is powered by two NWSL 1620 can motors, one located in each bogie. There is space in the long hood to fit DCC if preferred.


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